Clif Q & A


What are your top struggles, ie, top 3 things weighing on you?

1-My mental/emotional health - 25 years of ministry has done a number on me.

2-The question of if I want to do this anymore, to give 22 years of your life to one church & feel like things are no better than when you started is kind of demoralizing. Life on the merry-go-round. 25 years of ministry & don’t have any finacial security for my family or even own a home as an asset for them.

3-What’s the point? Does what I’ve spent 20 plus years trying to build even matter & would anyone even notice if it went away. Tried to build a different kind of church, community of faith but it doesn’t seem to resonate, if it did attendance would look a lot different.

What do you think you need to help you with those things?

I don’t know, it’s only been this past week that I have felt like I have decompressed a little from church stuff & then looked at the calendar saw that I need to be back at it in just a couple of weeks. I maintained a pretty unhealthy pace for the last several years without any real breaks from church/ministry work. Even on weeks when I haven’t preached I’ve been in the building serving. Not really following the example of Jesus of withdrawing to refresh & recharge. It tricky when you live next door to get any real separation.

How can the leadership of the church support you?

I honestly don’t know. I don’t know what I need, I haven’t really had time to process all the crap in my head & heart yet to figure that out. Like I said it’s taken the last few weeks to even unplug my brain from all the goings on of the church & this was the first week that it wasn’t in the front of my brain.

So I don’t have a good answer, I know mentally/emotionally I’m not healthy & need to do some work to fix that.

Do you believe that you should be held accountable to the church elders?

Yes, accountability is important :)

How can we hold you accountable?

Again, I don’t know yet

What are your expectations of us?

It’s not my church, it belong to this group of believers. I would expect that you would help cultivate & guard the culture. Shepherd & disciple the people.