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Squeaky wheel gets greased...

"Grease 'em!" The saying brings scenes of old black and white mob movies, sounds of machine gun fire. The saying of the squeaky wheel gets the grease is no longer valid. Today, things that are broken aren't often fixed. We're more likely to throw them out and replace them with something new. We have become consumers in every aspect of life. Everything, everyone is disposable.


I got to see my brother yesterday. It feels like we go far too long between taking the time to catch up.

Best intentions?

So, not much progress. If anything, in my attempts at improving things, I have made them worse. I would have been better off pretending like the situation didn't exist. I think it's time to move on. There is only so much influence a few people can have.

This can be over now...

Ok. The stresses that have come this year have done plenty of damage. I’m exhausted. I don’t know how to keep up anymore.

I used to be able to compartmentalize life pretty well. What happens at work, stays in the work drawer. While at work, keep family in the family drawer. Unfortunately, it seems that all the drawers are overflowing with things that need to be taken care of.

I feel like I’m breaking apart. I remember this feeling. It didn’t end well.

The journey...

This summer has been interesting. Work has been crazy. Family life has been crazy. Last year, we moved. That created a ton of work.

This year has brought its own calamity. I haven't been home as much as I'd like. Even when I am home, there's plenty of stuff going on with work. Sometimes, I have to ask, "Am I really home?"

Life really happens in the in-betweens. What if there isn't enough space?

Layering pedals for abient tones...

Someone was asking me why I have so many delays and reverbs.

Well... Because... One doesn't do what they all do together. Layering drive pedals seems to make sense. Layering other effects has a similar outcome.

The El Capistan and the Alter Ego are both emulations of tape delays. They both do a great job, but they have their differences.

Reverb pedals... Pedals that emulate the sound of a spring are different than pedals that are trying to emulate the sound of a space, like a hall. A signal going into a spring reverb, than into a hall sounds different than if you put the signal from the hall into the spring. There are signal flow options that you can only do if you have a number of stompboxes, versus an all in one effects unit.

Thinking about a new reverb pedal...

I've been using different reverb pedals for left and right signals for a while. I think it does help make the stereo field wide, where the left and right have unique tones. However, there are times where I wonder if there are better ways of doing this. I'm thinking about trying a stereo reverb pedal.

Right now, I'm evaluating the TC Hall of Fame 2 and the Boss RV-6. Both are about the same footprint, and in the price range that I'm looking for. Sure, there's some amazing offerings from Strymon, but my playing doesn't warrant that kind of cash output.

On this day...

I shall write things about stuff.

Today will be about guitar pedals. I have been building a collection of pedals the last few years. I started with some budget-friendly options, and expanded from there.

Currently, my setup is something like this...

TC Tuner > Emerson Paramount > Box of Rock clone > FX loop pedal > Peavey Classic 50 410.

In the FX loop...

TC Sub n Up > VP Jr > El Capistan > TV Vibe > TC Alter Ego
TC Alter Ego Left out> Lovepedal HSR-3 > FX Loop return
TC Alter Ego Right out> Mosky Spring Reverb > Crate Club 50 112