OK… I’ll try to keep this as short as possible, while still being informative…

I started playing trumpet and drums in church around age 12. In high school, I had my own band. I started learning to lead worship, singing and playing guitar. I helped worship and tech teams at church, school, and youth group. The church sound guy taught me on a Mackie 1604. Recorded demos on 4 track cassette.

After high school, joined the army in '98, auditioning as a bass player. Helped plant a church helping with worship, tech, and teaching. Was assigned to the Unit Ministry Team while unit had no chaplain. Helped establish a discipleship group with support of other Unit Ministry Teams and local church. Led worship services and bible studies. Also, continued to play in my own band, performing, writing, recording.

After returning home, played guitar, bass, sang and helped in tech. Also, helped with youth ministry.

Ran sound at local venues and events. With a fellow musician/ audiophile, designed a mobile PA solution for a portable church. Recorded bands out of the Electric Cave recording studio in Portsmouth.

Also, around this time, my wife and I were part of a team planting a church in Durham/ UNH. We left there in good standing, feeling called to be involved in a church in the community we lived in, rather than commuting to church.

Helped create an online worship experience after a church water damage. Recording and producing services throughout the week, to prepare for Sunday broadcast. PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2, Logic Pro, Final Cut, OBS, YouTube and Vimeo.

Eventually returning to the building, helped lead worship, singing and playing guitar or bass. Also helping with sound, online broadcast, Planning Center, Slack, websites, etc. Led worship team and tech team small group. Also served as an elder, helping series planning, and Sunday teaching.

During COVID, I helped a co-worker’s church create a shoe-string online broadcast solution with a Behringer mixer, IP camera, OBS to YouTube.

In summary, I’m a total band and AV nerd. I enjoy songwriting and home recording. I enjoy getting to use my passions to help people encounter God through music and art.


A common value statement at many churches is something along the lines, “Saved people serve people.” I’m hoping to find a community of discipleship and accountability.

I believe that if we are to be imitators of Jesus, we need to strive to live like Him, meeting the needs of others wherever we go.

I believe God entrusts musicians and artists with gifts and talents to help create encounters with Him that can be glimpses of “On earth as it is in heaven.”

Something that I am working on is continually having the attitude of, “Here I am, send me,” even if it is something that I’m uncomfortable with, or is outside of my wheelhouse.

I would like to get more connected with the community at Grace, and serving with a team would be a good way to go.

This song...

After the messages the last few weeks, Song of Grace by Jarod Espy has repeatedly come to mind.

This Wretched Vessel · SongOfGrace